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My Teaching Space

on January 19, 2017

This week, for the #EdublogsClub prompt, we have been asked to blog about where we spend the majority of our work days. I spend my time in my classroom, which is the computer lab because I teach Digital Technologies. I don’t have much choice regarding the layout because I have 3 long benches that can’t be moved.

At the front of my room, I am fortunate enough to have a large space for students to sit in front of the interactive data projector. This space is also used for robotics activities. My desk is at the front of the room as well, however, I never get time to sit down during my classes.

Adjacent to my classroom is a recording and green screen room, where students can do their recordings away from the classroom noise. This was supposed to be my office, however, I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be to have a quiet recording space! 

4 Responses to “My Teaching Space”

  1. Sue Waters says:

    Hi Lee

    I love how the room that is supposed to be your office is a recording and green screen room. Do you use the room at all for your office or is it used entirely for recording?


  2. Lee says:

    Hi Sue

    I do not use it as an office at all – just a recording space. I do use some of it for storage.

  3. cathtemple says:

    Sometime our environments can be really restrictive so it is great how you have been able to use the space in such a flexible way.

  4. barupatx says:

    Love the green screen room! Only a true teacher realizes student needs are so much more important than an “office.” Good for you!

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